Case Studies

Richard, 48y, Cheshire.
4 months coaching

Richard was waking every morning feeling unrefreshed. He spent his days feeling tired and lethargic. He was approaching 50 but knew he should be feeling better than this. He could no longer keep up with the kids, and his fatigue was impacting on the quality of his work, as well as motivation for support around the home. He approached me to help him restore his energy levels, vitality and enjoyment for life. Through 4 months of coaching support we identified a number of personal and professional factors that were contributing to his current situation. Over 4 months we worked through these difficulties, adjusting unhelpful lifestyle factors, maintaining motivation and moving towards his chosen goal. By the end, Richard felt like a younger and more energetic version of his former self. He was sleeping better, more focused at work, enjoyed sporting activities with his kids and was more present around the home. He checks in periodically to ask questions or arrange ad-hoc support. He continues to thrive.

Sally & Ian, 37y & 40y, Warwickshire.
7 months coaching

Sally and Ian have 2 primary school aged children. They wanted to get it right and give them the best start in life. They recognised some issues with their own lifestyle but were unsure how to create healthy lifestyle choices which would bring benefit to the whole family. They had done some preliminary on-line research but came away feeling more confused about where to start. We spoke at length about their family life, commitments, support networks, professional life and ultimate goals. Together we developed a holistic, family-centred coaching package which focused on a different area in each session to avoid confusion and allow the changes to become embedded before moving onto the next step. The frequency and timing of coaching sessions were adjusted to fit in with family life, and lifestyle options built to suit both the children and the parents. At 7 months both Sally and Ian had built up enough self-confidence and knowledge to continue on their own. This proved a terrific journey for us all and it was hugely rewarding to see the children engaging with these changes and flourishing as a result of the hard work and commitment shown by their parents.

Megan, 45y, Bristol.
2 months coaching

Megan had a clear goal when she approached me; she wanted to complete a marathon. She had done many shorter runs but was unsure how to approach training for a longer distance. She had 3 children, was in her mid-40s and had a busy family and work life. We arranged some regular coaching sessions to create a bespoke training plan which would see her through to achieving her goal. This focused on nutrition, strength and conditioning sessions, and a varied running plan to work around her personal life and gave her a flexibility to adapt to fit with family commitments. Once the plan was in place Megan didn’t any further regular coaching sessions as her motivation and commitment was already embedded. She checked in with me from time to time to update me on her progress or seek advice on running niggles or recovery sessions, but was delighted to inform me 6 months later that she successfully achieved her goal of running a marathon!

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