Coaching Services

Health is more than the absence of illness; it’s a holistic state of well-being encompassing physical, mental, and emotional elements. My coaching services are designed to help you achieve balance in these areas; fostering a life of vitality and fulfilment.

I'm here to support you

I combine my 20 years of medical knowledge, with a friendly and supportive coaching style to guide you on your path to a healthier and happier life. Whether you’re looking to manage stress, improve your fitness, or make sustainable lifestyle changes, I’m here to support you every step of the way.

About the coaching

I offer a flexible coaching service which allows you to customise the timing, frequency and duration of sessions to meet your needs.

During our first meeting we will decide the level of support needed. However, this can always be adjusted as we go on.

How we meet

To allow flexibility with my coaching sessions they will be delivered on-line via Microsoft Teams or Google Meet. 

For on-going support in between sessions, you can email or Whatsapp me for advice or to arrange an additional meeting.

Get In Touch

I invite you to explore the services I offer to take the first step toward a healthier you.

My personalised Health & Wellness coaching will help you achieve your full potential, so you can live your best life. I’m here to tailor my services to meet your unique needs.

Thank you for visiting, and I look forward to being a part of your wellness journey!


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